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We teach software, apps, platforms.

We spend our day training and guiding freelancers, business owners, and employees improving their computer skills at any level.


We focus on teaching computer skills that matter today.


Virtual assistance, private and group classes about programs and apps


From Microsoft Excel to Photoshop, from WordPress to Facebook Ads.

You name it.

Need help on a specific thing?

It's like a tutorial on demand, a private class, or a done-for-you service. It's up to you.

We know you have daily tasks and problems. We are your next virtual assistants and digital consultants: we help you run your team as efficiently as possible by telling you what to do or by doing it ourselves just for you. It is not always possible to find someone to talk to when you are working on "a thing". Maybe WordPress stops working or you want to make videos but don't know what software to use in your specific situation. We have you covered.

We. Solve. Your. Problem.

Tech problem? Device not working? Or new to social media and paid ads? Explain your problem or doubt, ask your question, and get know someone who can help you

Book a class or chat live with an expert
Video chat and get support live
Meet new people, expand your network

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+1 208 391 3071

Software & device
Hiring a creative
or a digital specialist
How to proceed
in your journey
How to fix
other issues

We text you the solution to your problem and if that's not enough you can even video call a mentor or expert


We are your 12th soccer team player ;)

1) You text us at

+1 208 391 3071

(it's free!)

You can ask any question for free,

no registration needed (for Mexico and EU users you can WhatsApp us for free)

Luca and his team reply

to better understand your problem

We make sure we understood the problem. You then pay for the solution

They answer your question or perform the task for you

After the payment we help you solve along with an expert in our network

Our job? To save your a**

Is it better to fix problems or to pay 25 euros per month and prevent trouble? You know the answer.

We can even save you time and money by giving you the right information. Did you know that Brizy once offered a free website for all with your own domain? Well, now you know. This could have saved you at least 1000€ per year


Photoshop and Adobe Suite

WordPress & no code apps

Video editing software

Social Media software


Finding you first clients

Making a website for free

Using digital platforms to earn extra income

Generating content ideas for social media


How can I create a portfolio website for free?

How can I have Mac OS on a Windows PC?

Should I buy an iPhone or an Android?

What platform should I use to hire?

Where should I sell my products online?

Is it safe to buy and sell on Ebay?

"How can I do xxxxxxxx"

This is our most asked question


Best part of all? You always have someone to talk to

Are you feeling lonely or depressed? Are you living in the middle of nowhere? This is a fun way to meet cool people: it's fun to ask questions, even the craziest ones!

You can even bounce ideas off your newly met mentor or expert.

It's always a matter of sharing.

You save time

You don't need to go to boring and expensive schools to learn

You don't bother anyone

Wanna learn computer basics? Or Google Ads? Just book a class.

You don't feel guilty to ask for help

Half of the subscriptions go to our instructors as compensation

You can get help

and be helpful

You can both be a user and an instructor.

How cool is that?


Meet your next Digital Consultant & Tech Support Expert

“Hi, I'm Luca, your personal Computer Instructor. Throw a problem at me and I'll solve it for you. "I need to do X, how do I do it? What software shall I use?": that's the type of question I answer most often. I'll solve your problem or I'll connect you with someone who can”

Luca Giuglietti, Founder & Problem Solver @ Spaze


Our job is to help you solve your problems aka we save your a**

We help you solve your problems, whether that's something that you are trying to do yourself, something you need someone else to do for you, or you are thirsty for knowledge and curiosity. Here are some of the problems and questions we answer to

My product is launching in 7 days but haven't received any sign-ups yet. What can I do?

There's many things you can do but it depends on your situation. Have you tried growth hacking?

What printer should I buy? I print often

Are you a professional user or do you need it for you home? What's your budget? We can recommend where and what to buy

Is it safe to use ilovepdf.com?

Yes! We tried it ourselves! It's a legit website with a ton of tools for you to use

Chat live with an expert who can answer your question

Get your questions answered, meet new people.

Book a live tutorial just for you

From the US to Europe, we have connections. We are on a mission to connect creatives, content creators, and entrepreneurs.

Questions that people are asking right now

Some examples of questions you can ask. Once you submit your question, someone will text you back and will guide you through the process.

Meet Our Experts

Andrea Cacco

Copywriter - Italian in Mexico

Ask me about being a digital nomad and working online

Elisa Lucano

Photographer - Padova, Italy

Ask me about Photoshop, design, and board games

Luca Giuglietti

YouTuber - Padova, Italy

Ask me about startups, studying abroad and your tech problems

Zakaria Yahiaoui

Programmer - Italian in Belgium

Ask me about finding a job overseas and settling in another country

Not found the expert you need? Contact us and we'll connect you with the most appropriate person

Check out what clients say

People love Spaze Expert Support and here's why

“I met new friends and also got a chance to work with 2 of them. I got help for selling my pizza course”
Riccardo Broch - President @ Margherita 2000
“I didn't know I could use Fiverr to get customers for my agency from overseas: Luca and his team helped me with setting up and get started”
Mauro Campani - CEO @ OVOStudio


Why we use SMS and WhatsApp

Would you like to contact us? The best way is to text or WhatsApp us.

Here's why

You don't always receive it
It gets buried
You get spam
You have an unnatural conversation
Text + WhatsApp
Real chat with a human
You can text back and forth
Unlimited access
No spam, you text us when you need help

Why you are gonna like this

Fast (talking > googling)

It's better to have a mentor than to Google a generic solution

Lovely people

Meet new people and get contaminated with new ideas

Get sweet fresh ideas

Need feedback on a project? Our mentors can try your product

Becoming a mentor is free

While we encourage you to become also a customer, becoming a mentro


We try to help you 24/7, no matter what problem or question you have

Lead Generation

Meet potential partners and customers through the platform



Best option for students and wannabepreneurs.

You get 4 questions and

1 coaching call with expert per month.



Best option for small businesses, startups, and young professionals.

You get 10 questions and

4 coaching calls per month. Cancel anytime



We'll help you solve all your employees' or members' daily problems.

You get unlimited questions and

unlimited coaching calls per month

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